Harley Blakeman is the author of “Grit: How to Get a Job and Build a Career with a Criminal Record” and Founder of HonestJobs.co, a Fair-Chance online job board that is helping employers fill more job openings in a tight labor market while doing good for the community. On his 18th birthday Harley was arrested for drug trafficking and sentenced to a year in prison in Georgia. After graduating from The Ohio State University – Fisher College of Business with honors in 2017, he realized how incredibly hard it was to find employers who were willing to overlook a felony conviction from 5 years prior. Now he has set out on a mission to get 1,000 employers to adopt more background-friendly hiring practices and focus on reducing recidivism rates in America.

Chad Dull is a passionate advocate for people in the crisis of poverty and for the value of post-secondary education in creating social mobility. He currently serves as the Vice President of Academics at Minnesota State College Southeast in Winona and Red Wing, Minnesota. Chad is a certified Poverty Coach through Communication Across Barriers and writes and podcasts regularly about poverty-informed practice in higher education.

Dan Berstein combines his professional expertise as a mediator, his academic background in mental health and public health, and his personal experience living with bipolar disorder to develop innovative trainings and services in the areas of conflict resolution, mental health communication, challenging behaviors, and accessibility to disabilities.

Through his company, MH Mediate, Dan has provided training programs in over a dozen states to clients including  workplaces, universities, mental health service providers, professional associations, and government agencies at the city, state, and federal levels.  Dan is also Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee of the ABA Section on Dispute Resolution and founder of the Dispute Resolution in Mental Health Initiative at the CUNY Dispute Resolution Center.

Dan holds a master’s degree in Mental Health from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, a bachelor’s degree from the Wharton School at the University Pennsylvania, and a mediation certification from the New York Peace Institute where he formerly sat on the Mediator Advisory Board.  He has a general mediation and conflict coaching practice with a special expertise in cases related to mental health.

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